Shifting Self-Sabotage

By UPLIFT on Wednesday February 22nd, 2017

Transforming your Limiting Patterns

We’ve all encountered those invisible walls that trip us up just when we think we’re getting somewhere in life. And, if you’ve ever tried to move through them, you’ll know that it can be difficult. Why is this so?

Cellular Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, says it’s because we’re operating out of our default subconscious programming 95 percent of the time. Basically, we’re all living on autopilot, controlled by this program. A most sobering thought! But it’s ok – there is hope.

The author of The Biology of Belief has devoted his life to understanding human biology and behaviour and through the science of epigenetics, Bruce Lipton says we can reprogram our minds.

So, if ninety-five percent of our subconscious is programmed before the age of seven, how can we change negative behaviour? Here Dr. Bruce Lipton explains.

February 22nd 2017

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21 Responses to Shifting Self-Sabotage

  1. Im so gratefull to hear those empowering words. I see that i have a choice. To feed negativity, blame and hate, or, to change by beliving in the possibilitys. I have the power to do it. I will teach my body/mind how i want to feel. So, i was depressed and sad cos og a coworkers negativity today. She made me cry.. and emidiatly the negative program started. Easy to fall in and start to obsess about it. I chose meditation, EP and go to the gym. Thank you for reminding me when i needed it the most. I love you❤❤❤

    • And i would like to comment something back, after the gym. It didnt work. The voice inside torturing me with guilt and arguments , the critic…stole all my energy. I was exausted from spinning obsessive thoughts for 2 days. I couldnt sleep or put a stop to it no matter what i did. So much stress and anxiaty😪 that can make one suicidal…what dod i do wrong??? Trying to get rid of it? Thats why it reinforced it self? So whats the point in changing then🤔

      • Hi Elisabeth, I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing these difficulties. Please know that all of this is often easier said than done and many of us struggle sometimes. You are not alone! And sometimes it gets worse before it gets better… but it could be useful to seek some professional guidance at this time. There are free services available in most areas if you do a google search, I would suggest starting there. Please reach out. We love you too <3

        Team UPLIFT

  2. I tried this stuff….it doesn’t work….i can cry right now…..


    It hasn’t work….im still stuck

    • Hey!
      Don‘t give up! Have you tried meditation? Dr. Joe Dispenzas teaching, the books of Eckhart Tolle? You‘ve got all you need in you, please belive me. I know how you feel…Im through the struggle too, but there is hope, please don’t give up on yourself

    • Hi dear. Dont dispair. Its a process of practice i guess. One has to change the program first in order to have results. Every time you struggle, change your mind..do that often, especially when you are challenged. And you see that it will have results. And then you have to maintain it. Meditation, changing the program,changing your mind, EFT, whatever is best for you. Sending you love❤❤❤

  3. I can’t hear this podcast “at all”…..is there a report of transcription or CC people can access to read the words? I’am sure Bruce knows 80% of the people read CC.

  4. Ok. It is plenty understood. So………….I stop and say to me: these issues are not making me happy. I want to change. Then……….,How do I do it? How do I start the change?

    • Its easy and difficult. Depends. If you want to change, you have to be the change. That means that you start by meditaiting, hypnosis at night, psych- k tecnique 2 times a day, and as well noticing your sabotageing thoughts and change them by decide to feel, think differently. Thats the work you put out daily. You will notice effect if you practice and stop complain. Much love to you ❤❤❤

  5. This resonates LOUDLY with me. I was raised in an abusive household and learned MANY negative thought-patterns. I plan to seek out therapy to overwrite this.

  6. Why is this not taught in schools? With the rise in youth suicide, depression and anxiety this could be saving lives.

  7. I feel Empowered to create my desires and fulfill my dreams by rewriting the life script which is uniquely my own.

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