The Magic of Sisterhood

The Magic of Sisterhood

Do Women need to Support each other More deeply?

Across the world women are realising their potential, stepping up as leaders, and inspiring other women to do the same. Yet, it still seems with all the heavy cultural conditioning, impossible standards of femininity and beauty, that women feel their sisters are not as openly supportive of each other as they could be. There is room for us ladies to lead the way by being allies instead of competing with each other.

The Goddess Project is a documentary made by two girls who travelled 10 000 miles across America, interviewing everyday women about their paths to self discovery. They quizzed over 100 inspiring women committed to transforming themselves and the world around them and found that nearly all the women shared a common feeling. That it’s time for women to come together as a global sisterhood and support each other, rather than bringing each other down. Together, we are unstoppable.

Women thrive with a tribe. And empowering other women empowers all of us. Enjoy this sneak peak of the Goddess Project movie coming later this year.


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