Six Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex

By Zoë Kors on Friday July 21st, 2017

Creating a Deeper Connection

We’ve seen it in the movies. We’ve read about it in books. We have lived it over and over in our fantasies. I’m talking about the kind of sex that bends time and expands space as you and your lover dive into each other, swimming through veins till you find the tender, pristine places no one has ever touched. Intimacy so pure and potent that physical form cannot sustain itself and you burst into effervescent molecules, disintegrating in sacred union with the primordial, ecstatic center of the universe. The kind of sex where you finally collapse, breathless, in a pile of limbs wrapped around each other, stunned by the power and purity you just experienced.

While we long for this kind of sex, few of us have found it. We crave connection, but fear vulnerability. In our 140-character, hyperconnected culture, we have lost our capacity for the kind of delayed gratification this type of physical intimacy requires.

Here are six simple practices that will lead you to soul-stirring sex:

Shhhh: No Talking

Often when we think of intimacy, we think about the sharing of secrets. There is something intimate about verbalizing our innermost thoughts and desires—especially when it comes to sex. However, as alluring as fantasy can be, by its very definition, it’s a way of escaping reality. And we tend to hide behind our words, using conversation as a means of avoiding vulnerability. We tell people who we are instead of showing them. True intimacy with a lover happens in the silent moments of presence and connectedness between words.

A lot can be said in silenceLet your bodies and souls connect without communication. A lot can be said in silence.

Practice #1: Set a specific time to meet in the bedroom without speaking a single word. Spend an hour together, not talking, before any physical intimacy begins. Show up clean—physically and emotionally. This is an opportunity to let our stories fall away—as individuals and as a couple—making room for a deep, non-verbal, energetic connection.

Make it Anti-Climactic: No Orgasm

When Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination” he meant that when we focus on getting to a particular goal, we miss the value in all the moments along the way. And so it is with sex. There are reports that women can have 11 different kinds of orgasms. From the time men are boys, they are fascinated with ejaculating (it’s a built-in, biological preoccupation on which the survival of our species depends!). We have misunderstood the destination of sex to be orgasm, and by doing so, robbed ourselves of some potentially powerful opportunities for both pleasure and intimacy.

Practice #2: Agree upfront to forgo reaching orgasm. Take the possibility completely off the table, for both of you. By doing so, you provide space to be present and find appreciation of each moment for the pleasure and connection it brings, without distraction. Take turns bringing each other close and backing off. Notice the powerful bond created as you hold each other on the brink of ecstasy.

Like a Lava Lamp: Slow it Way Down

We live in a fast-paced, over-stimulating, 140-character-status-update kind of world. As a culture, we are usually focused on ‘doing’ rather than ‘being.’ Because we juggle so many responsibilities, sex tends to become just another thing on the ‘To Do List.’ Rushing through the ‘doing of sex’ does not encourage the ‘being’ of intimacy.

Savor each momentBreath. Take it slow. You’ll connect much deeper if you’re both present.

Practice #3: Create a bubble of time and space to climb into. Do whatever it takes to enable getting lost in your own world together. Make a conscious decision not to rush. Let energy flow between you like a lava lamp. Moving verrrrry slowly, savor each moment of sensation and allow intimacy to rise.

Sealed with a Kiss: Undress Each Other

Whether it’s your first time together or you’ve been having sex for 30 years, giving your body to your lover is a gift. To receive your partner’s body is a privilege. Don’t let modesty or habit stop you from honoring this generous exchange.

Practice #4: This practice is most comfortably done with the lights dimmed or by candlelight. Undress each other by taking turns removing one article of clothing at a time. As each piece comes off, gently kiss the part of the body revealed in gratitude.

In and Out: Breath Life into It

It is a technique in meditation to turn the focus from thoughts to the breath. In Tantra, partners will ‘match breath’ as a way of forming an energetic connection that is not based on the giving and receiving of physical pleasure.

The eyes are the window to the soulEye-gazing is perhaps one of the most intimate things you can do.

Practice #5: Begin in a simple embrace. Spend a few minutes slowing and synchronizing your breath. Silently negotiate a rhythm that is comfortable for both of you. Pause at the top of each inhale and at the bottom of each exhale, creating a moment of mutual stillness. Breathing together is facilitated by cooperation and consideration for each other. Try to maintain this collaboration as sex unfolds.

Window of the Soul: Eye Gazing

Eye contact is a distinct point of connection. Yet, it is common to keep one’s eyes closed during sex. Extended eye contact reveals vulnerability, and so it can be a powerful facilitator of intimacy.

Practice #6: Sit on the floor facing each other and gaze into each other’s eyes without looking away for 20 minutes. Shifting from eye to eye helps sustain the gaze. Maintain eye contact as much as possible as sex unfolds. Play with looking into each other’s eyes all the way through orgasm. It is nearly impossible to climax with open eyes (like sneezing). Gazing into your lover’s eyes at the moment of release just might be the very definition of intimacy.

Words By Zoë Kors

Originally posted on Zoë Kors, Writer. Speaker. Coach.




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7 Responses to Six Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex

  1. Nice article.. So many of emotions are rules by a lack of connection, intimacy.. Sex is great but it’s been so long since I have been with a partner I’ve been women just not with a connection..Now back to my over sensitive manifested itself in rage and healing unappreciated which then turns into hirt..I yearn to. feel alive again. To feel connection Steven G

    • And again this comment showing you aren’t allowed to show a straight couple without upsetting someone in this modern age, get a grip! If you want to see images of different sex couple, I’m sure there are sites for it, stop forcing your views on everyone else, pushing the creator of this piece to change it would please you more, that really does offend me.

    • It would also be nice if they were redheads. More red headed inclusiveness would be nice. We all can’t get what we want. Hopefully, you are an adult and you realize this.

  2. the rules seem to limiting to me. the best spiritual sex is with the right person and coming from unconditional love. orgasm usually is part of this and an important one too. sometimes full body ones. the chemicals released in the body and brain during orgasm are also important and healthy in many ways. so i say do it quietly if u want, look into each others eyes, go ahead and cum and at the same time if u can. just do it with unconditional love and u will experience deep spiritual union

  3. My sex life in seventeen of marriage was less than favorable years , the first three years was just ok for both of us. Later after our first child was born things proceeded to get worst eventually ending up with no love life in our marriage. This went on for a number of years and finally ended in divorce. I’am still not sure who’s fault it was to this day as we don’ talk at all.

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