Why we Need to Talk about Depression

Why we Need to Talk about Depression

A Young Comedian Provides an Eye-Opening Insight into Depression

Every thirty seconds someone in the world takes their own life because of depression. Today, this silent epidemic is affecting more and more people across the globe. And the severity of depression is largely unknown as no-one is talking about it and millions are suffering in silence.

Kevin Breel was just a teenager when he shared his moving and heartfelt story about his journey with depression. He is now the author of the memoir: Boy Meets Depression. A high achiever, captain of his sports team, popular with lots of friends, and a stand-up comedian, Kevin was the last person people would imagine to have depression. But, as he says:  “Beneath my smile there was the struggle, beneath my light there was dark, and beneath my personality there hid an even bigger pain.” Depression is not something you feel when something in your life goes wrong, real depression is being sad when everything in your life is going right. Listen to his powerful talk on how we all should be speaking about this massive problem in order to solve it.


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