The Art of Radical Self-Care

By UPLIFT on Tuesday May 2nd, 2017

Image: Kelly Sikkema

Learn the Basis for Enduring Wellness

The best preventative medical advice is to look after your health before you get sick, but what if you’re too busy reacting to the world’s expectations of you or looking after other people’s needs?

Dr. Lauren Tober says we all need radical self-care.

“We spend a lot of time in our heads and a lot of time focussing on things outside of ourself and so if we can do practices to bring ourselves back into our body and get really well acquainted with what’s going on inside our body, we start to really pick up on those early warning signs.”

We can all learn to take care of ourselves better and be creative about it.

“It’s not that there’s one prescription for how to do self-care…. It’s about checking in with what you need in each moment.”

In this episode, it’s time for Radical Self Care with Dr. Lauren Tober. Also, meet the founders of Orange Sky Laundry, the world’s first free mobile laundry and shower service for the homeless.

May 2nd 2017

About our Guests:

Lauren Tober is a Clinical Psychologist and a Yoga Teacher on a mission to help people live a life of joy, happiness, and authenticity. A life that isn’t ruled by stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma, but by health, healing, happiness, self-understanding, and enlightenment.  

Nick Marchesi and Lucas Patchett wanted to tackle homelessness in their home-town of Brisbane, Australia. The result is Orange Sky Laundry.

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