Angela Lockwood: The Art of Switching Off

By UPLIFT on Wednesday June 7th, 2017

Practical Tips for Refocusing on the Important Things in Life

We live in busy times. It seems everyone is busy doing something but no one has time to do the things they really care about. While we all know we need to slow down, the question is “how?”. Therapist Angela Lockwood says the secret is to ‘switch off’. She says we’re now ‘over connected’. Our phones, computers, emails and social media alerts us to mostly unnecessary information 24/7 and this creates an unhealthy stress response in us.

Reactivity is almost like a stress response.  When we’re living in a reactive environment. We’re just going ‘oh that popped up we’d better respond to it’. So it’s like we’re always living on the edge, wondering what is going to be the next thing life is going to throw at me.

Angela is not saying we should ditch technology, but she is saying we need to create boundaries and take back control of it.

When you’re talking about over-connectedness … it’s a constant stress response. But when we’re deeply connected to people and to our purpose it gives us an overwhelming sense of calm.

She’s on a mission to help us all learn the difference between connection and ‘over connection’. Once we’ve mastered the art of ‘switching off’, we become more focused, more productive and more fulfilled.

Listen to Angela’s practical tips to help you disconnect and refocus on the things that really matter in life

June 7th 2017

About Our Guests:

Angela Lockwood is an occupational therapist, founder of ‘The Place for Health’ and author of the new book ‘Switch Off: How to find calm in a noisy world’.

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