The Evolution of the Butterfly

The Evolution of the Butterfly

Our World is Changing Form

Renowned Cellular Biologist and author, Bruce Lipton, says the tremendous changes happening in the world today are like a late-stage caterpillar. The creature has eaten its fill and is now ready to shed the old and be born anew. 

The challenging times we are witnessing across the globe can be likened to a caterpillar’s seeming demise. But, much like the emergence of new life and opportunity from the broken skin of the decaying caterpillar, a new civilisation is being birthed. A community of what Bruce Lipton calls “imaginal cells,” which bring fresh ideas to the rest of the cells and create a new organism. You and I are all cells in this wonderful global evolutionary advance into a butterfly.

Enjoy this story of the great metamorphosis, set to interesting imagery and footage from the Occupy Wall Street Movement.




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