The Great Shift is Here

By Jenny Schiltz on Tuesday November 24th, 2020

We Did It!

So much has shifted. In one moment there is greater ease and flow while simultaneously there is dis-ease and chaos. There is an energy that has been building, pushing us into the unknown.

A few weeks ago, Spirit shared that we would be moving into a new location. A new area of the hologram, the simulation. The more I dug into it, the more I began to understand just how big this is for all of us. This is greater than a timeline shift, it is a paradigm shift. It is the one that we have been waiting for. The one we have prepared for during our many incarnations.

It was explained that it took a collective effort to reach this place. It took many of us anchoring light while holding the confounds of our reality intact. They showed me the Earth as if it was a flat map, each person anchoring the light was like a thumbtack holding all in place as we transverse this massive shift. 

This achievement is incredible and has brought on much celebration in the cosmos. A giant shoutout to all the space holders and the light anchors! We did it!

When I asked for a greater understanding of what this new space and time period would feel like, they explained it in ways that I could understand. As someone who has lived on a farm, they choose to use that experience to help me grasp what they were explaining.

They showed me cows being herded from a field that was dry and barren into a giant round holding pen. Some cows were fearful and stayed towards the gates where they were let in. Others however seemed to understand and knew that they were safe and that good things were coming. These cows moved towards the front of the herd and into individual cattle chutes. On a farm, a cattle chute is used to contain a cow while health checks are made. It is tight and it squeezes them, holding them in place in order to keep them from kicking, turning or hurting themselves or the people tending them.

Once they were through the cattle chute, they were let out into a gorgeous pasture that was healthy and looked like a bovine paradise. Even though this was happening there were still those cows that were fearful, attached to the old dying field and they stayed by the entrance gate.

With those images in my mind, they explained that this is what is happening to us. We have been moved to a new location, a new simulation. We will feel pushed, pulled, even squeezed as we go through this process, much like being in a cattle chute.

Alt text hereGood things are coming and to enjoy them we must trust and surrender. Image: Josip I.

I asked what determines the speed in which one moves through the process. They explained that lack of attachment and fear allows a person to move much quicker and with greater ease through the process. 

Once we are through the process, we then go into the field that holds infinite expression and possibility. It holds a new vibratory frequency and allows us the freedom to reach our fullest potential. Our current location holds many limitations and restrictions.

It really feels like a time in which we will be forced to see what we have been avoiding in our lives. Things that can no longer be swept under the rug. We each will have our own “come to Jesus moment.” This is a massive choice point. Do we cling tightly to the old or do we let go in order to receive the new?

We have to look at where we are attached to belief systems, identities, people, events, even spiritual understandings. Wherever we are attached to something to help us create an identity is being brought to the light. These attachments keep us locked into the old, tethered to a reality that never really fit us to begin with. It is coming into a state of pure surrender and allowing. This helps us to let go of what no longer serves and opens us to receive all that is possible.

When we attach to something we create expectations and then judgement when the expectations are not met. I was reminded of working with a foster child, his view of what family ‘should’ be like came from television sitcoms. Due to this distorted view, he didn’t allow himself to fit in with other families and was constantly searching for the one that matched the world created in his mind by the television. While that is an extreme case, think about the roles we have played in this lifetime and where we have created scenarios of how it should be instead of accepting what is. 

I have played daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend etc. Each one of those can come with expectations, some self-created and some put on us by others. By removing the attachment to the roles, I set myself free of those expectations and allow myself to be completely who I am in those relationships. It is often the expectations and subsequent judgements that keep us from living in full authenticity and instead, keep us playing small.

It is from the space of non-attachment that we can truly love a person for exactly who they are, including ourselves. It is also from this space that we can allow another to experience the full depth of their creation. This is essential right now. We each have to see and experience our creation without victimhood and blame so that we can see clearly what we need to do to change it.

It can feel counterintuitive to remove the quantum entanglement that we have created especially with loved ones. Yet, what I am experiencing is, rather than becoming cold and uncaring, removing myself from what I have become attached to creates such space within me that it fills only with love. It is now completely up to us to set ourselves free. We are not waiting on the collective to awaken or for a particular event. You setting yourself free is your personal event.

Alt text hereIt is now completely up to us to set ourselves free. Image: Matthew Henry

This new space we find ourselves in has a different vibratory frequency than we have ever experienced before. There is a different quality to the tones that we are hearing. By going within, we are making incredible shifts, even though the outside looks like chaos. This demands that we give ourselves the space and the grace to adjust to it and explore more of our own truth. The more you let go of all of your attachments, the more you come home to yourself and your place within the universe.

Understand that it is not that the attachment is removed from you, it is that you remove yourself from what you are attached to.

Start thinking about people, places, even belief systems that you may have become attached to.

Visualize the person, the place, the thing, or even a belief system. When you are ready, say the following:

I pull back any energy I may have given or left behind from ___________. The quantum entanglement is now removed.

Breathe deep and on the exhale know that you are no longer quantumly attached. Breathe deep again and on the exhale ground your essence into your body, pushing your breath out your feet. This exercise can make you feel ungrounded, even jittery. Breathe yourself back into presence.

Notice what comes up within as you do this for loved ones, places that hold memory, and belief systems. The emotions that you feel will show you just how strong the attachment is. For some it may bring in immediate lightness, for others it can bring in an anxious feeling. Sit with the emotions and fears, acknowledge them, and then let them pass through. This will help you to not reattach due to fear.

While this may appear to be a time of great upheaval collectively, it doesn’t have to be on the individual level. The depth of who we are and the infinite possibilities are calling. We just have to silence the noise enough to listen.

Sending you all lots of love as we adjust to this new space. 




What inspiration and/or comfort are you able to take from this piece? How does it speak to you specifically? We’d love to hear your heart opening communication in the comments below.

For all your beautiful work in this realm … we appreciate you.

Much love


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Words By Jenny Schiltz

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10 Responses to The Great Shift is Here

  1. Great change has happened, on a global and personal level. A change in my life that I never would have foreseen yet I am never afraid or anxious. I just “KNOW” that it is right. I have actually enjoyed this last 9 months. I have loved the peace and quiet, the empty streets, the clear skies. True, I haven’t lost a job or a business so I don’t announce the fact to everyone that I am loving this time as many are suffering. Next year will be fascinating, to watch how people react to new-found freedom again. Will they go back to the old ways or will their consciousnesses have evolved enough for them to change permanently? Will there be enough of us who are aware to effect this paradigm change massively, on every level, socially, culturally and lovingly? Will enough of us humans be able to TRUST Spirit and the Universe to know what must happen?

    • Good questions Lynn, we can only continue to do our best individually and hope that we lead others by example 😊 Much love and thanks for reading and sharing 🙏

      Team UPLIFT

  2. I loved, a big shoutout to all the lightholders anchoring on Earth and in the Universe. I am amazed at the good changes coming to Earth. We have so much help from higher beings. We ARE moving in the direction of peace on Earth. Yes.

  3. Thank you Jenny, wonderfully expressed! YES it is so Freeing to Focus on How WE See/Feel and or Imagine our New Golden World to BE. Enjoy your Quantum Entanglement Release and the first one i experienced feels Deep and Empowering in the NOW. I am Gratitude Infinitum BEing Here in THE Shift! Yes have been living in snippets of 5D for many years and its SO Good to Feel it closer now! In my Lifetime please. Feels like i am morphing into more and more of me, daily and in the Quantum, dont even need to track this or feel LIKE im keeping up. The Universe likes speed and so the Golden Thread of Inner Peace flows, I feel im getting ‘faster’ as the vibes speed up! Rabbiting on here cos I’m So Excited! x

  4. This is how I feel, its very well put, that we are needing to let go of the old, to move into the new. It’s does feel like a global shift. Incredibly grateful to be here at the time to shift into a more aligned vibration.

    • It’s an exciting realisation and feeling, isn’t it Jane?! Change is rarely easy but this year has presented us with so many opportunities for growth. Thanks for reading and for being on board for making the world a better place 😍🙏💜

      Team UPLIFT

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