Dr. Bruce Lipton: The Twilight Zone

By Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D on Friday February 26th, 2021

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Towards A Brighter, More Wholesome Future

When I was a kid, somewhere in the middle of the last century, the world was in the midst of a power struggle, the West against the East, democracy versus communism. In the early fifties, nuclear fission … the atom bomb … was heating up the cold war. The US government and media were continually spewing the fear of an imminent nuclear war with the Russians. Little did the public know that the Soviet Union was in near collapse with little real agency to provoke a war. BUT we believed the hype!

To enhance the fear, the government showed live atomic bomb tests on TV. Model villages were built in the blast zone so that we could experience the horror of how a nuclear explosion could instantly eradicate an ‘American’ city. The images provoked fear and threats of annihilation. As a consequence, across the country, the sound of blaring sirens signaled air raid drills causing people to stop their livelihood activities and seek protection by descending into underground bomb shelters. Engaging in the protection response led to the cessation of growth-related behaviors. After the test’s all-clear signal sounded, people returned to their jobs and the community resumed its growth activities.

For a moment, consider the consequences if there was no all-clear signal. The population would be forced to remain in the shelters in a continuous state of protection. How long can people survive in this state? For as long as their reserve of food, water, and other energy-sustaining supplies held out. However, the community would eventually collapse in the face of dwindling supplies, after which, they would die.

Now consider the fate of the fifty-trillion cellular community that lives under your skin. In a state of growth, the cellular citizens and their communities (i.e., the organs), collaborate to maintain health and support the body’s vitality. One of the main functions of the brain, the equivalent of the body’s government, is to interpret what is going on in the ‘outside’ world. The brain then coordinates the survival behavior of the cellular community by sending news of the world via the release of hormonal signals.

In a safe and supportive environment, the brain releases signals such as endorphins and growth hormones to encourage communal growth and body maintenance. When the body is under threat from outside forces, the brain release stress and inflammatory hormones, the equivalent of air raid sirens, to direct the cellular community to cease growth activities and engage in a protection response. For an acute or short-term protection response, the body can still maintain its health and viability. However, a chronic twenty-four/seven, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year fear response causes the body’s systems to shut down awaiting an all-clear signal that may never come.

Alt text hereOn-going stress causes the body to remain in ‘protection mode’ rather than ‘growth mode’. Image: Arw Zero

A community, whether one of people or one of cells, can easily survive short-term stress, like an air raid drill. BUT, when the stress signals go on and on, the cessation of growth inevitably leads to the breakdown of the community and the expression of dysfunction and disease. Global civilization is clearly in chronic stress.

To survive and thrive into the future, we must face an impending evolutionary upheaval. As the unsustainable civilization is collapsing and a new civilization is forming, we are in a state of transition. The most valid science, quantum physics, acknowledges that consciousness is creating our life experiences.

Never before has it been so important to recognize we have a personal choice as to whether we focus our consciousness on the fear-provoking symptoms of collapse, such as climate change, COVID-19, and a myriad number of other social ‘air raid sirens,’ or whether to focus our attention on a brighter, more wholesome future wherein civilization comes together to support one another while working in harmony with Mother Nature.

A famous Rumi quote offers an important insight and conclusion:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

Rumi is referring to a ‘field’ of LOVE that exists beyond the threats of chronic fear. In simple terms, we must focus on the growth offered by love and harmony and forego the debilitating din of fear.

With Love and Light,


How are you coping with all the outside ‘noise’? Are you finding ways to keep your nervous system calm and focus on love? What helps you to do so? We would love to hear in the comments below.

With an ever-extended hand of love,


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23 Responses to Dr. Bruce Lipton: The Twilight Zone

  1. Dag Bruce.

    I did shake hands with you in Copenhagen at the start of YOUR last lecture. Still happy I did have the opportunist, to her the funny way YOU handle the subject
    Indeed we limit ourselves, when we stay in the fear modes. I change MY point of view, in times of trouble, we really can change. We do have free will. We can ‘t stop problems, but we can change our view and doing So, problems solve. All life is problemen solving , quote Popper. By dissappering or by accepting. By solving. I can take action. We are Not helpless. What really counts is, how I myself feel. That is in the short therm what I can CHANGE. For the rest:I need to be patiënt and constructive. Being in nature and connected helps.Good, positieve people around YOU too.
    And taking care of pets or children or handicapt people who need help, is also reducing fear. VERY important!
    Love and Light. Jeanette Ytsma

  2. Dear Bruce,
    Thank you so much for sharing your childhood story. It is a very fitting analogy to the global fear that has seized humanity. Yesterday, I watched a broadcast offered by Steve Farrell in which you were the featured guest. You use the analogy of the caterpillar and the butterfly to help your audience grasp the necessity of chaos and disintegration – a forerunner to the new paradigm that is being created. In essence, the message I walked away with was ‘Celebrate the chaos. It is necessary for a new humanity to emerge.’
    Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I am welcoming it wholeheartedly. My medicine during these times is to spend time in nature. I spent the last couple days with my hands in the dirt, planting lettuce and totsoi. I cleaned flower beds and added moisture, nutrients in the form of manure and mulch, my role as midwife, assisting nature bring forth her bounty, richness and beauty. Surrounded by birdsong, the gusty breeze reminds me that I stand at the cusp between winter and spring. I am reminded that all is well. Life will persist with or without me. I am here as a unique expression of All That Is. In its simplest distillation, all that is asked of me is to tap into the flow and respond to my moment-to-moment experience.
    I am reminded of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s words: “Don’t try to force anything. Let life be a deep let go. See God opening millions of flowers everyday without forcing the buds.” –

  3. Thanks for a helpful perspective. As someone who grew up in the 1950s and 60s, I can relate, though I also look back with new eyes. As a kid, I lived in a Leave It to Beaver world of innocent affluent white-bread ‘happiness.’ As I came if age in the late 60s, violent holes appeared in that matrix world. In 1968, the Tet Offensive, The Graduate, LBJ’s abdication, the murders of MLK and RFK, combined to start an awakening process. I naively thought that meditation and the peace sign would quickly heal those wounds, but in the half century since I’ve been hit with the need to keep going deeper to the roots of this malady. And as Dr. Lipton says, they lie in our physiology and our consciousness, and the power of dualistic thinking. I am getting better at standing in Rumi’s field, but as we’ve seen in recent years, the reactionary forces are strong, calling us to deepen our connection to the unitive to hold space for these alarming late-stage outpicturings of the riven-world way of seeing and acting.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey with it all Bill 🙌 Very inspiring 😊 Keep up the great work!

      Team UPLIFT

  4. Dear Bruce,

    Adding to the fear mongering with a comment such as YOURS….

    “Global civilization is clearly in chronic stress for we have precipitated the planet’s sixth Mass Extinction, which of course will include humanity.”

    This does not promote love or community!

    • Thank you for pointing that out Ralph, you’re right, this sentence is a little ‘fear-mongering’! I have amended 😊 Thanks for reading 🙏

      Team UPLIFT

  5. Meditation and Mindful living practices are playing a key role in helping me manage the pandemic situation and the lack of freedom to travel especially. These practices have been anchored in my daily life well before the current situation, constantly helping me to be grounded in the present moment, because it is the only one we have, in spite of what our mind tells us otherwise. Amid all the exterior noise, whether it be mass media, social media etc. It is important and okay to take the time to sit in silence, to retreat to your sanctuary,. We need to remind ourselves that « This too shall pass ». Another helpful tool, is to create a positive time line that covers the last 5 to 10 years of our lives where we can recall mentally or on paper all the positive things that have taken place in our lives in spite of the challenges that were equally present.
    When we take care of ourselves, we can reach out our hand to take care of others.
    I got into the habit of going to the local bakery store regularly to support them so they didn’t close through lack of business. As all of the restaurants and cafés are closed, I often buy a take away coffee from the bakery with a little goodie. Yesterday I ordered my coffee and a mini doughnut and the sales assistant smiled at me and threw an extra one in the bag for free. It made me smile and feel good and it’s a simple reminder that we can all keep « spreading the LOVE ». It doesn’t take a lot, a bit like an extra doughnut when you least expect it.

    • This is so heartwarming Mary! It sounds like you have really embraced and embodied mindful living and it is impacting you, and those around you, in a beautiful way! Very inspiring, thank you 🙏

      Team UPLIFT

  6. I live in a place of grace and harmony with Nature. I realize my circumstances are a gift. My best friends and myself have gardens, animals, woodland, beaches and trails to walk on, all close to our homes. As I enjoy these gifts, the sirens do reach me, and so, I have dedicated efforts to be an ally to Black and Indigenous Communities, to share this bounty meaningfully. To this end, I regularly meet with and agitate public officials for improving health, housing and educational services for all our citizens. The population here are cooperative with all the pandemic protocols, and we have advanced to moderate social activities within daily recommended health guidelines. We have one short border with another region that is like minded and does support these actions too. This feels like a healthy unity that can provide for us to move together with love and respect. It is not perfect, but it does move forward in a positive thriving diverse environment.

  7. In order to give love you need to be receiving it and the source of pure, unadulterated and eternal love is from the Divine. Everyday it is here in the minutist of images, sign around us. So when you see this the rest of the world disappears and the “field” is all there is. Great Spirit Bruce, keep it going.

    • Well said Michael, I’ve definitely found that to be true for myself. And once you start to see divinity in everything, you can’t stop! 😍

      Blessings and thank you for sharing,
      Team UPLIFT

  8. Thank you for the reminder – that we “get to” choose. I’m reminded of the simple delight of playing the “guess which hand it’s in” game with a child; despite mistaken “guesses”, it never seems to get old. I’m inspired, to remind myself, “again”, “again”, “again”, only this time, I’m not trying to choose which hand the dime or other small object is in, rather the choice for love, or fear.
    Thank you as well, for the reminder of Rumi’s “field beyond right doing and wrong doing” – that time/space/place before the the “knowledge of good and evil”. Thank you also Bruce Lipton (Now I’m sounding like the Jimmy Fallon late night show), one last thank you though – Bruce Lipton – for your teachings. I’ve heard it said, when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

    • Beautiful analogy Christine, and especially lovely that you are able to bring a lighthearted, childlike quality to the process for yourself. I’m certain it would make it more enjoyable, if not a little easier.

      I’m glad you’ve found solace in Bruce’s ‘teachings’ 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

      Team UPLIFT

  9. The impact of covid on travel will soon be a thing of the past… keep the faith, particularly the faith in meditation which will help overcome your problems ! We are all being severely challenged right now, but just imagine if you were born in the early 1900’s and were expected to go war at least once in your lifetime ! You would likely be ashamed of your present lack of positivity..

  10. I generally believe in love, but not in unity, especially now. I have never been more conflicted, since it seems that those without respect for others (i.e. not wearing masks in a pandemic to protect others) are being encouraged to behave selfishly. And I even start to wonder if meditation is not another type of prayer which generally encourages “non action” when faced with this type of behavior. Those of us who have been “quiet” seem to be punished. I am in a long term relationship and because of the behavior of others, this country is still closed to those who have isolated themselves, quietly waiting for the rest of the world to do the same so that we can ALL live our lives again. My “boy”-friend (we are both over 60 and met each other when we were teenagers) live in different countries and have not seen each other in almost a year now.

    • I’m so sorry you haven’t seen your boyfriend in such a long time 😔 That sounds really
      challenging Eva-Maria. I understand your feelings of conflict, you’re not alone in that, I feel conflicted too, often! I think it’s good to question these things and look a little deeper. I’ve always found it helps me unplug from the collective narratives whirling around me and come back to my heart and what is true for me. I think that’s the best any of us can do, and I think – for the most part – people want to do what is right, but what is right and loving might look different from one person to the next.

      Wishing your heart ease and grace as you navigate this.
      Much love,
      Team UPLIFT

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