Whoever Controls our Seeds, controls Life

Whoever Controls our Seeds, controls Life

When you control Seeds you control Life on Earth

Scientist and Author of 16 books, Vandana Shiva, is a modern day revolutionary, who for forty years has been fighting a heroic battle on behalf of humanity and the ecologically besieged natural systems that support us. She is opposed by powerful multinational corporations invested in continuing their toxic though lucrative agricultural practices.

Vandana Shiva’s book Violence of the Green Revolution caught the attention of the biotech industry and she saw firsthand the sinister intentions of corporations to take control of seeds through patenting. She took immediate action and started saving seeds, but she also realised she needed to speak out and do something bigger, and with this her International movement for an organic and regenerative food system was born.

This film profiles the epic struggle over who controls the world’s food systems, and asks the question, who will prevail? “Food is a weapon,sell real weapons and arms and you control armies. When you control food you control society. When you control seeds you control life on earth.”

Enjoy this preview of this cutting edge film about one of the world’s most important voices.


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