Three Lessons of Revolutionary Love in a Time of Rage

Three Lessons of Revolutionary Love in a Time of Rage

Choosing to love

What’s the antidote to rising nationalism, polarization and hate? In this inspiring, poetic talk, American civil rights activist, filmmaker, lawyer and educator, Valarie Kaur, asks us to reclaim love as a revolutionary act.

“Love is sweet labour, fierce, bloody, imperfect, life giving. A choice we make over and over again.”

Her life on the front-lines in America fighting hate and injustice on the streets, has been a study in what she calls revolutionary love – the choice to enter into labour for others who do not look like us, for our opponents who hurt us and for ourselves.

“Forgiveness is freedom from hate.”

As she journeys from the birthing room to tragic sites of hate killing, Kaur shows us in this passionate talk how the choice to love can be a force for justice and the call of our times.




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