Synchronicity and the Collective Dream

By Jacob Devaney on Thursday October 29th, 2015

The film 'Time Is Art' explores the world seen through the lens of synchronicity, rather than the lens of consumption.

As we hit critical mass in planetary awakening, we are also crossing multiple ecological tipping points. As we do this, our sense of reality continues to be revised until the lines between realms are blurred. Our greatest hope for emerging from these turbulent times seems to be a combination of imagination, collaboration, and technology fused with spiritual purpose. The film Time is Art, Synchronicity and the Collective Dream is a great example of this, that integrates many art forms to communicate and express the multi-textured feelings of being alive at this moment in history. While watching the film I was absorbed into Jennifer Palmer’s journey as if it were my own.

“Evolution is not the straight path I had once thought. As a writer I have experienced how art opens doors to other dimensions of reality.” – Jennifer Palmer


The film takes its title from the concept that ‘Time is Art, not Money’ first coined by the visionary writer Jose Arguelles. Identifying that the modern world currently use an artificial and mechanical time system (the Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock) Arguelles hypothesized that if we chose to return to a calendar system based on nature, we would see that the principle function of the human is ‘to Art’, rather then to consume, or produce. For Arguelles, nature is constantly ‘arting’, once remarking that ‘you will never see an ugly sunset’, to point out the inherently aesthetic quality of the natural world.

The film Traverses the liminal, lucid realms that seem to be right at the edge of our consciousness with hand-held shots that ebb and flow like breathing as we follow the story. Art, science, the mind, are entwined in this complex and playful world we inhabit.  Though it sometimes appears stagnate it is most certainly ever-changing and dynamic. We reach to grasp the impermanence through practicing meditation and yoga, yearning to reconcile the internal and external, the spiritual and physical.

Can media take us into a dream world?

Palmer, a writer with a cold, non-spiritual view of the world has profound experience in the passing of a loved one and is set on a journey to understand the animated universe that she had never noticed before. Feelings that don’t fit easily into intellectual boxes are let loose. Film makers, Katy Walker, Joel Mejia, and Maia Monasterios take the audience on a cinematic journey flying over forests, walking down wooded paths, the vast quiet desert, exuberant waterfalls. These nature-scapes are contrasted by urban landscapes, street art, and engaging conversations about art, science, and spirituality.

“Every moment is full of so many magical things if you pay attention.” -Jennifer Palmer

Through these experiences time begins to take on a non-linear presence and lines blur like deja-vu. Interviews with luminaries that span distant but related concepts begin to build a tapestry of information that surrounds us all the time but goes mostly unnoticed. It is a raw, emotional, vulnerable, honest journey of personal discovery that leads to a visual transformation of character for Palmer.

“We learn to open up to the psychic wilderness that is within us all.” -Jennifer Palmer

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 11.08.26 AM

Does the world revolve around creation or money?

Science continues to validate the power of art to effect consciousness. Film is a beautiful integration of technology with art that holds a vast power to engage, inspire, and spark conversation about spiritual matters through story. This film asks us to consider what life would look like if it was valued through the lens of art instead time or money.

Time is Art, Synchronicity and the Collective Dream Trailer

Taking an inner vision and externalizing it is transformative to the artist. The art created through this process can then be shared with our community to amplify the inspiration and connection. There are endless forms of art in the world and the film takes a focus on murals as a way to convey collective dreams in public spaces.

One potent example used in the film is a mural painted on the outside of a jail with keys all over it. The symbology of freeing ourselves from the constrains of our own vices or limiting beliefs allows us to step outside of intellect and experience the feeling of liberation. The keys are all around us yet we rarely take the time to to slow down, quiet our mind and notice them.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” -John Lennon

This film is a gem in the emerging conscious, independent media movement. Coming from the grass roots, they have a very exciting way for people to get involved by hosting local screenings in their community. Sign up and put your town on the map! By spreading the word through your own networks you will be contributing to increasing the collective wave of awakening that we are all dreaming of. It’s time to make that dream a reality!


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Jacob Devaney

Founder and director of Culture Collective, creative activist, musician, and producer.




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3 Responses to Synchronicity and the Collective Dream

  1. 11/11 …i had a chicken skin after i saw this pattern also on this trailer.

    In August I experienced this 11/11 pattern as:
    i watch (casually?) 111 email on my laptop,
    in the night i watch (casually?) my clock in the car 11:11
    I felt that was a sign.
    Next day I searched for some meanings and i felt to receive a good present from the universe: the meaning of the nr 11 (and 1 as well).

  2. Invocation for a New Paradigm
    Life is Art. Time is Art.

    inspired by Mayan and other Indigenous wisdom.

    (All hail the harmony of mind and nature)

    We have arrived.

    The Turning of Ages

    The closing of a world age

    A vast ending, a vast beginning

    Cycles within cycles within cycles.

    We have arrived

    Zero point.

    26,000 years of history.

    The 13th Baktun

    Climax of Materialism

    Time of Forgetting .

    We have arrived

    Zenith of the mechanical clock

    The Calendar imposed on the people

    By the political Pope Gregory 13

    Mass murderer, Witch burner


    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick

    Killing time

    Wasting time

    Time poor

    Time is money

    Time waits for no man

    We’re running out of time

    Time stopped

    Time stood still

    Time out


    Time is short

    Time well spent

    Time flies when you’re having fun

    Time heals all wounds

    Free time

    Having the time of my


    Time space continuum


    Everything in it’s own

    There is no time

    In time


    clock in

    smoko! teatime!

    lunch time

    time for the news

    time you got a
    haircut , a watch , a job

    Clock on clock off

    Smoko! teatime!

    Time to insure you life, insure your car, insure your house

    Do you have a funeral plan?

    Where do your iTunes go when you die?

    Artificial time a destructive paradigm

    Enthralled with technology

    Sacrificing the resources of this Blue, blue Planet

    A dense electro-magnetic veil stifles

    Distorts our connection

    To the power of the biosphere

    Entranced by the shiny worlds of artificial technology


    The Earth is a Living Work of Art.

    We have arrived

    Amidst the ‘blessed unrest’

    Cataclysm, crises, corruption and cacophony

    The Time of Great Shaking

    Thinning of the Veils

    The Grand Re-orientation

    No one can say what is coming

    How the forces of creation and destruction continue

    To weave our world into being

    False identities accumulated over 5,000 years … disintegrate

    The earth’s biosphere teeters on the edge of collapse

    We have arrived



    Wake up.

    We are the pseudopods

    Sending out our egos on false feet

    We are the eagles with talons in tar

    We are the comparers who became less

    We are the competitors who crush

    Hoarders drowning

    We are the estranged, pulling away

    From awareness into fear.

    We are the wounders and the wounded

    We are the violators of the earth who suffer

    For in the web of life

    The hurt of one is the hurt of all

    No more

    No more

    No more.


    All hail the harmony of mind and nature.

    Crippling constructs false realities come apart

    Fulfil the ancient prophecies

    Transcend to the next level of human potential

    Cosmic Beings – Homo Luminous

    The Earth is a Living Work of Art


    All hail to the harmony of mind and nature

    Listen or your tongue will make you deaf

    Listen to the voice of the universe

    Listen in contented idleness

    Succulent mistress of creativity


    How beautiful is stopping in the stillness

    Hear what is there.


    Devote your leisure to things of the spirit

    Hold on to the unseen


    Commune with nature

    Hear stones talk

    Listen to the messages of birds

    Read the sea, and the wind, and the leaves


    Being who you are

    Fills every necessary place in the universe

    You are enough.

    Your flesh is a poem

    Breathing your prayer

    Everything in the universe is perfect

    The Earth is a Living Work of Art

    And: You are the artists

    In this epic moment on earth

    From tribal creature to planetary organism

    Align with possibilities yet to be composed

    You are invited into the realm of synchronicity.


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