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The Top Five Hacks For Reducing Stress

By UPLIFT on Saturday March 4th, 2017

Easy ways you can manage stress

In today’s world we are all under far too much stress than we should be. The big health problems come when we are exposed to prolonged stress and cannot recover and return to our baseline, so the body and brain go into overdrive keeping us in a sustained world of heightened awareness.

Wellness Practitioner, Dr Oscar Serrallach, is dealing with the impacts of stress on his clients on a daily basis. In this interview, he shares some important and simple ways we can deal with stress. One of which is sleep.

“Sleep is the great restorer and helps gets us back to set point. If you don’t get enough sleep all the other things you do in life to manage stress will have no impact.”

We all know sleep is vital to our wellbeing, but usually it’s the first thing to go when we are feeling stressed. When under pressure we all tend to skimp on sleep. Dr Serrallach says that about 90 percent of us need seven and a half hour’s sleep as a ballpark just to be healthy and function well.

“It’s the quality of sleep and the regularity of sleep that’s really important, and getting deep restorative sleep. Ideally getting up without an alarm clock is when your body’s ready to face the day.”

His second most important stress hack is movement.

“Incidental movement is really important, things from standing desks to having opportunities to walk during your day. It’s important to have this exercise built into your timetable.”

“We’re designed to be moving and we need to keep moving without overly stressing our system. I see a lot of people causing more stress in their lives through exercise.”

His other hacks, such as oxytocin promoting activities, and adaptogenic herbs, are simple and easy to integrate into your life, yet have powerful and prolonged health benefits that will make life a lot easier when you’re faced with those stressful times.

Here Dr Serrallach shares easy and important ways we can beat stress and return to optimum health.


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