Ubuntu, the Spirit of Sharing

Ubuntu, the Spirit of Sharing

I Am Human Becuase of You

The Zulu practice of Ubuntu is a beautiful and ancient way of being which encompasses sharing and compassion. It is based on the idea that I exist because you exist. I am because you are. It is a potent understanding of community and cooperation which has a lot to teach the whole world.

Ubuntu means I am not human without you being present. I am human because you are human. We have a shared experience and can find one another and create a peaceful co-existence. I must do to other people what I want other people to do to me, and I am a human being because of other human beings around me.

High Shaman of Africa, Credo Mutwa says: “Ubuntu is nothing more than compassion brought into colourful practice.”

With all the artificial divisions in the world, it’s time we embraced this ancient concept.


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