The Uplifting Nature of Music

By Amir Paiss on Thursday November 20th, 2014

The Uplifting Nature of Music

UPLIFT 2014 brings together a remarkable selection of musicians from around the world.

We don’t have to call ourselves musicians in order to feel the love and appreciation for music.

As human beings we are graced with the gift of music as it is in everything within us and around us from our own heartbeat to the resonance of galaxies. Beyond entertainment, since the birth of ancient cultures music has been an essential tool for healing and transformation, the ultimate bridge and facilitating instrument for individual and community rites of passage, connectivity and evolution.

Amongst other things, UPLIFT is also a meeting place for visionary musicians who are devoted to raise awareness and bring a message of Oneness, Peace and Love in action wherever they go. We are honored and blessed to have a diverse and incredible group of musicians coming to share their gifts at UPLIFT 2014, all of whom are living examples of the potent powers of music. Connecting the ancient with the contemporary, the elders with the future generations, the indigenous with the universal, the healing with the ecstatic, the UPLIFT message is well reflected in this range of musicians.

Mark EliayahuMark Eliyahu

Global chanters and UPLIFT ambassadors Deva Premal and Miten are bringing the powers of ancient Mantras after touring Europe, Israel and the Americas.  Renowned composer and virtuoso Mark Eliyahu who, with his father, the master musician and composer Piris Eliyahu are demonstrating the intergenerational connection and are bringing the ancient instruments and scales of the Levant to the contemporary world.  Grassroots American singer songwriter Trevor Hall who weaves reggae, folk, yogic influences with conscious lyrics. The Hamsa Collective who fuse Celtic and Middle Eastern music with Kabbalistic and Sufi prayers. Gabriel and Cecilia who are bringing the voice of super creative youth and many other local and international musicians are contributing their hearts and musical skills to the celebration.

Trevor HallTrevor Hall

A dedicated evening of Kirtan will feature amongst others the well loved Edo & Jo and Sangeeta with the House of Bliss, local singer songwriter Murray Kyle will share his conscious songs and local gypsy band Shakshuka will shake the village stage. Avishai Barnatan will bring bells, singing bowls and other instruments to his healing Soundshower, and everyone present will be invited to the spontaneous UPLIFT choir!

Something magical is undeniably present when we join our voices together in sacred song.

Cultural bridges are being built through musical expressions, especially when intention is informing the notes and songs so we can truly evolve to be instruments for the music of life itself. One may say that co creation with what we humans call ‘the divine’ is most evident through the experience that is provided by Music.  We will be able to taste that in every musical session during the festival as the bridges are being built by the melodies and connections are being made by rhythms. Isn’t it amazing to witness different instruments, from different cultures, collaborate and co-create in the great orchestra of Life?

How wonderful it is to learn from musical instruments the possibility of living Peace and co-creating Harmony. We are privileged to have this opportunity to participate as musicians and as listeners in the composition of the soundtrack of UPLIFT, acknowledging the uplifting nature of Music.

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Amir Paiss

Composer, poet, singer-songwriter and producer. Born in Tel-Aviv Israel, residing in Australia.



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