Watch ‘Message from the Mother’

Watch ‘Message from the Mother’

A 12-minute film about the journey which led to the Declaration.

In late 2014, representatives of the original people of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta came down from their sacred mountain in Colombia to deliver an urgent message and sacred invitation to Humanity on behalf of Mother Earth. Elders of Munvwameke and Numaka, Nabusimake sent representatives (including spiritual leader, or ‘Mamo’, Miguel Arroyo – Iku and leader of the Iku Nation, Ñankwa Chaparro) to join with elders and wisdom keepers of other tribes and lands, including representatives from the Otomi and Mexica in Central America and Diné from North America, to initiate a ‘Unification Process for the awareness in collective consciousness of Life Originating Principles’.


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