What Happens When We Open Ourselves to Strangers

What Happens When We Open Ourselves to Strangers

Creating Human Connection

Ever thought that train rides can be a little weird? That the emotional distance between us is vastly greater than the physical distance between us? What if we liberated our desire for human connection by daring to be vulnerable?

Peter Sharp is a ‘professional paradigm shifter.’ Fiercely optimistic, he designs social experiments and global movements for peace that bend the rules of fear and challenge the modus operandi of community empowerment and flash mobs. Through his work leading The Liberators International, Peter makes spaces for the public to create their own threads of love, life and joy during the daily experience. His biggest projects include the The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment which involved 100,000 participants from over 156 cities sharing a minute of eye contact with strangers.


Feature Image: Chermiti Mohamed.


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