What Is Emotional Intelligence?

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Understand and unlock your own wisdom

Too often we hear stories of people who are clever, but have made a complete mess of their personal lives, or someone who amasses a fortune but is restless and unhappy. Often in these cases, it is a lack in emotional intelligence that is causing the inability to navigate well around challenges in life and relationships.
Many of humanity’s greatest problems stem not from a shortfall of technical or financial intelligence, but what we term emotional intelligence.
So what exactly is this?  It is the quality that enables us to confront with patience, insight and imagination the many problems that we face in our relationship with ourselves and others.
It is through the acquisition of Emotional Intelligence that we stand to become better lovers, workers, friends and citizens. We are rarely systematically taught Emotional Intelligence and pay a heavy price for this gap in learning.
Here’s how to understand and unlock your own innate emotional intelligence and create a more harmonious life.
This film is from The School of Life.


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