Wu Wei: The Principle of Not Forcing

Wu Wei: The Principle of Not Forcing

Alan Watts on How to Access Flow

Have you ever been in ‘the zone’ and had the experience that you were an observer and life was doing things through you?

This is Wu Wei – a Chinese concept central to Taoism and a core theme of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. Translated literally as ‘non-doing’, Wu Wei is not so much about ‘doing nothing’ as it is about aligning our movement with the greater flow of life.

Most of us catch glimpses of this space of pure connection. It can come during a morning surf, when the art or music flows out of you and onto the page, or during a moment of inspiration. The Taoists believe we can actually learn to do without doing, and to follow the way of nature.

Here Alan Watts shares his wisdom on the ancient art of Wu Wei, or ‘non-doing’.


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