Yoga as a Shamanic Practice

Yoga as a Shamanic Practice

The Power of Yoga to Bring Clarity to Your Life

Committed yoga practitioner and global teacher, Danny Paradise was one of the first Westerners to deeply immerse himself into Ashtanga Yoga in the 1970’s. He brings a shamanic bent to his teaching and is influenced by many indigenous cultures across the world.

If you consider Yoga as a shamanic practice then one of the purposes besides healing, is evolutionary consciousness. Yoga works on extremely deep levels and over a period of time you become clearer, you eat better, live better and transform from the inside out.

One of the principles of shamanism is first you have to heal yourself. And once you start to heal it’s a spiral impacting everything and everyone around you, first your family and friends, then your community and finally the world.

Yoga is shamanic as it increases perception, insight, intuition and wellbeing, and ways of seeing.

Enjoy Danny Paradise’s perspective on yoga as a phenomenal practice that reconnects you with your soul and integrates mind, body and spirit, helping you fulfil your personal destiny.


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