You Are Needed Where Your Heart Feels Most Broken

By Brooke Steff on Saturday August 26th, 2017

Why You Need to Go Where it Hurts

Go where your heart feels broken the most; amidst the pain in hunger and hate in crime.

Wildlife is dying, emissions still flying, such sombre praise of how much we have grossed.

The ice is melting, our souls are freezing, hearts of hope, now closed, stenosed.

With all that we’ve done, unutterably asleep, there’s no longer a place for arrogant riposte.

Listen where it hurts, go where you’re horrified, so much can be done with your heartbreak and time.

You are always needed where you feel the most pain; addiction and sickness or poverty and abuse.

Listen where it hurtsSo much can be done with your heartbreak and time.

Fear into hatred, wounding to flesh, hell is never far from licking the sane.

Drought, distrust, destitution, disdain, perhaps it is possible to warn Abel of Cain.

Until gripped by a call, interest you’ll feign, running in vain when your heart demands reign.

Dig deeper each day and honour the truth: it takes great courage to make loving profuse.

Unloved animals are where hell meets my heaven; I wonder where orphans go in their dreams.

Robbed of their reasons, hidden from the sun, their petals falling…five, six, seven.

They may never get it, such vitalising love, or how much is given in breast and leaven.

What warrants this neglect? Dropped by the grown, forgotten and cast out, all islands, no brethren.

Bone-crushing loveYou are most needed where you feel bone-crushing love.

The pain makes me move, I’m urged to act, fibres of my heart being shredded in reams.

Know where there’s aching that won’t leave you standing, and that salvation found here is ever enough.

Feet in this world, bravery required, hearts breaking together, no more disbanding.

For just one breath of God, a brief cosmic blink, we’re in this together, souls always expanding.

Be where we need you, you’ll know where that is, then show us the beauty of being the soft landing.

Share what you’re made of, you don’t have to be tough, you are most needed where you feel bone-crushing love.




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