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Your Self-Care Helps the World

By Karin Kiser on Tuesday July 28th, 2020

Welcome to Community Content. We endeavour to align these creative contributions with UPLIFT’s greater vision of spreading Unity, Peace and Love. All authors are responsible for their content and have stated that this is their original work. Many blessings.

Becoming the Shining Light of Self-Love for All

We know it’s important to take care of ourselves, yet life and its many demands often get in the way. We have jobs, families, clients, pets and other responsibilities. Even the most centered among us can find ourselves being pulled in many directions at once. 

Take a moment to check in with yourself. Are your mind, body and emotions in balance? Have you been experiencing stressful thoughts, worry or trouble sleeping? We all have blind spots or perhaps an area of our life that is a bit out of balance. It’s part of the human experience. For me, it’s the mind that periodically pulls me off-center, dragging me into “what if” scenarios or trying to micromanage my day. I often have to remind myself that the mind is not me. It’s a voice I can listen to or ignore. It’s a tool I can use or set aside. I can train it or bypass it altogether. The challenge for me is to remember this and to consistently operate from that still place of the observer.

It takes dedication and discipline to prioritize self-care. For some, that could mean more exercise or meditation. For others, self-care might include journaling or connecting daily with nature. How might you upgrade your self-care? 

On the level of the physical, self-care might include daily detox. More than 65,000 new chemicals have been introduced into the environment since 1950, which means most of us have hundreds of foreign compounds in our body. Over time, the body can become overloaded. Signs of toxin overload include lack of energy, weight problems, poor digestion, weakened immune system, headaches and mental and emotional stress. 

When the body is holding onto toxins, usually in the form of body fat, the bodily systems begin to operate in crisis mode. Toxins from processed food, tap water, plastics and commercial produce can create a response in our body akin to a low-grade infection. It takes tremendous energy for the body to respond. Accessing intuition can become more difficult. We can facilitate daily detox and awaken the natural intelligence of the body by eating foods as close to their original source as possible and by reducing the amount of animal products and processed food we consume. Upgrading what we put on and around our body in terms of personal care products and household cleaners will also reduce the pressure on our physical vessel. So will detox practices such as dry skin brushing and breathwork.

On the mental-emotional level, self-care might include minimizing digital device use, especially first thing in the morning. This allows us to spend more time abiding in the present moment rather than reacting to the external world. Particularly in these uncertain times, it’s easy to get swept up in news updates and other people’s reactions. There is a silver lining in just about everything, including the current global situation

On the level of the soul, self-care could mean modifying our spiritual practices to keep them fresh and meaningful. Changing our meditation surroundings or our methods for connecting to Source can foster new insights and deeper connection. 

Fostering a greater sense of community as a global family is another way to nurture ourselves on all levels. Especially now in this new time of physical distancing, coming together energetically assumes greater importance. Synchronized group focus meditations are popping up all over the world to harness the power of group intention and focus for planetary healing. 

The truth is, self-care isn’t just about you or me. Taking care of ourselves serves humanity. When we are healthy, balanced and peaceful, it spreads to everything and everyone around us. We are nonstop transmitters of our every thought and emotion, positive or negative, loving or fearful, compassionate or critical.

We are in the midst of the collective shift we have been waiting for. I have to constantly remind myself that I am here on assignment. We all are. We are experiencing a unique opportunity for reflection and prioritization. It’s an opportunity to cleanse our body, tie up loose ends and projects, declutter our homes and create space for the new. 

The entire world benefits when we are happy and healthy. So, let’s go outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Laugh more. Sleep more. Dream more. Dance. Sing. Let’s be the shining light of self-love for everyone.

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Words By Karin Kiser




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4 Responses to Your Self-Care Helps the World

  1. I think Karen gives a great reminder that by shifting and keeping the focus on ourselves we do impact the world. Aho Sistar

  2. Excellent article. Really helps to remind us that autopilot of the mind can drive us off of a cliff if we don’t pay attention to our moments! So, checking in rather than checking out more creates a life full of real living.

    • Checking in is what gets me up each morning just before dawn. The power within the silent moments just before dawn, the silence then broken by the sound of a buzzard’s wing beat. For me these are my detox moments.

      Thank you Karin, thank you sisters and brothers all, you are just beautiful inspiration.

      Shanti Shanti Shanti.

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